Intervening Variable


Economic/Retail Price-Availability

Increase Price or Taxes on Alcohol

Restrictions on Alcohol Discount Promotions

Retail Availability

Minimum Age of Seller/Server Requirements

Limit and Restrict the Location and Density of Alcohol Retail Outlets

Conditional Use Permits/Land Use Ordinances for Alcohol Outlets

Regulations on Home Delivery

Checking ID for Alcohol Sales

Cops in Shops Program

Restrict Hours and Days of Sale

Compliance Checks of Alcohol Retailers

Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) Training

Social Availability

Social Host Liability

Beer Keg Registration

Responsible Event Assessment

Alcohol Restrictions at Community Events

Texting Tipline

Shoulder Tap Enforcement Programs

Party Bus Policy/Regulation


Administrative Penalties

Enhanced Enforcement

Sobriety Checkpoints

Strengthen the Prosecution, Adjudication, and Sanctioning of Alcohol Laws within the Court System

Penalties for Minors

Teen Party Ordinance

Community Norms

Media Advocacy

College Campus Policies

School Policies and Violations

Worksite Policies

Local Media Campaign-Parents LEAD

Open Container Laws

Promotion of Alcohol

Alcohol Advertising Restrictions in Public Places

Restricting Alcohol Sponsorship of Events and Other Promotions

Counter-Marketing and Counter-Advertising Campaigns

Alcohol Warning Posters

Media Literacy

Local Media Campaign-Speak Volumes

Individual Factors

Prime for Life or other program targeting "high risk"

LifeSkills Training (LST), or other program targeting school-aged youth K-12 found on NREPP

e-Chug, BASICS, CHOICES or other program targeting individuals in college found on NREPP

Alcohol Screening and Education in Healthcare Settings

Team Awareness, or other program targeting worksite employees found on NREPP


Central Valley Health District: Needs Assessment Community Meeting

Needs Assessment Summary Documents* Grand Forks

Strategic Plan Summary* Grand Forks

Sample MOU with Sheriff's Department